About Us

 Core Values

    • Macau Base Company
    • Made To Move #whatmoveyou
    • Exceptional Quality

    Our mission is to build a better community together #madetomove #designingclothesthatlast  #meettheteam

    Our Philosophy

    The journey within the workout of Yoga was inspired by this quote “yoga is a not a workout it is a work in” by Rolf Gates.  Our philosophy here at Alair Yoga is that we believe that the “workout” and “work in” are both equally important in order to have a healthy body and mind.  It is truly the connection between you and your inner self that matters here.  Additionally, we strive for our customers to not only experience yoga during practice but also wish to help them explore ways of incorporating yoga within their daily life.


    Product And Design

    Alair yoga seeks to provide comfort paired with a contemporary fashion sense which both seamlessly aims to help one flow their best within yoga wear. Our fabric strives to provide a material less feel and hopes to help one feel as if they were in their own skin.


    About Our Factory

    Our factory was founded and established in 1994 and we were mainly a clothing supplier for major retailer stores within the United States. Over the past 27 years the company has excelled greatly in clothing construction and has now decided to develop our own design brand in order to utilize the production skills that we have. 


    Alair Yoga aims to provide the consumer with great clothes however one aspect that separates our business is our focus to be transparent about the unique individuals on both our ethical production and technical design teams that creates our brand. Our company only seeks to source the best quality material today.  Once a quality material is selected for production, our production team has all the capabilities to fabricate and mass produce any designs that our design team creates to meet our consumer’s demand.  The entire process is all done in house and we pride ourselves in being able to quality control every step of that process. Our openness in being transparent about the entire process is also something that we are proud of.